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Casa Scalabrini 634 organizes activities, meetings, debates, day trips and events open to everyone. Join our initiatives and get your friends involved to become together promoters of integration.

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All activities and projects are realized also thanks to the valuable support of our volunteers who contribute to the promotion of the culture of welcoming and integration.

Join today our volunteer team: you can contribute to the activities of Casa Scalabrini 634 by encountering people from  different cultures dedicating your free time to integration.

You can also attend our training meetings that will enrich your intercultural skills.

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Organize a Stand

Organize a stand in your church, in your neighborhood, or in your company to help us promoting the activities and projects of Casa Scalabrini 634. We will provide you with all the information and promotional material.

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Organize a fundraising and awareness-raising event to promote our activities and projects. Be creative! Whether it’s a soccer match, a concert, a theater show or whatever you consider convenient, you will concretely support our Casa Scalabrini 634.

Special Occasions

Make your children’s parties special by choosing our kite lab. Together with the people living at Casa Scalabrini 634, we will engage the children with the creation of small kites that they can bring home at the end of the day.

Contact us before organizing any event and we will do it together.

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Every small action can make a difference.